About us 


Froshington is a european Unturned Network. We are known for our high populated vanilla servers. Froshington was founded in 2017 by Dat Boi. The Staff of Froshington works together since early 2016. We had multiple roleplay servers and some survival servers. At some point, we realised that vanilla survival is what we are passionate about. Since then, we always want to improve and offer you the best experience possible. 

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Who are we ? 
Why we ? 

We really care about a friendly community. We listen to what you say. We only got so far, because you always gave us feedback and talked to us. Our staff will always try to understand your point of view, but sometimes a penalty is necessary. Our Rules may seem strict or unecessary, but a positive experience is very important for us. 

Our hardware

We use dedicated root servers, which have 32 and 16 GB of DDR3 RAM. They use a i7 Core and a 1500 GB SATA II HDD. 1000 mbit connection. Our hardware guarentees a stable connection and no ping issues. 


Our Staff Members 
Owner: Dat Boi

My name ist Dat Boi (Lou), 20 and I am the Owner of Froshington. I work as a Paramedic in a small town in Germany. When I dont work, I take care of the servers, talk to friends, or do real life stuff. I play on our servers kinda often, but I also play other games. If you want to talk to me, just message me via Discord, Teamspeak, E-Mail or anywhere else. I am looking forward to talk to you. 

Teamspeak: Dat Boi [Lou]                Twitter:@froshington_net

Discord: Dat Boi#2938                       Instagram: dat_boi_lou 

E-mail:kontakt@froshington.net    Steam: Dat Boi #Froshington.net


Leading Admin : Dragon

Dragon is our Leading Unturned Admin.