Our Rules


We dont want to seem to strict. We run our servers for over 1 year now and our experience shows, that not every player is interested in behaving respectfull. We want a positive experience for everyone, so we strictly prohibit being toxic and swearing. Our other rules, should be obvious. Hacking or using unfair advantages, is obviously not allowed. Please care for the rules.


1. Dont swear or harass in the (voice)chat.

2. Dont be unsportmanslike.

(Be a good winner and a good looser.)

3. Dont use unfair advantages.

This includes:

-Hacks (e.g. Aimbot, Wallhack and also Spy BLocks). 

-Glitches(e.g. Duplicating Items, Invisible Spikes, Glitching inside Objects).

-Exploits (e.g.Cars with barbed wire fences/Spikes which kill people through buildings or objects).

4. Dont spam in the chat or advertise different servers.

5. Dont impersonate admins or other staff members.

(Do I need to explain this ?)

6. Dont use nazi paroles or other inhuman paroles/ideologies.

(As seen in Rules 7, Nicknames cant include any icons/names linked to such ideologies)

7. Nicknames and profile pictures have to comply with the rules.

8. False accusation will be punished.

9. You may discuss with admins, when it is appropriate.

(Please use the Forum or our Discord).

10. You have the right to talk to another admin about your case. Contact another Admin via our Forum, Email or Discord.

(Links here)



Those rules apply for: the Discord, the Teamspeak, our servers, the forum and the Steam Group. If you break a rule, you will get warned. Getting too many warning will result in a ban.